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Help improve the relevance and accuracy of customers in search engine advertising results.

You need to understand the task guide and complete the practice and qualification tests to participate in the project. Must have keen insight into images and moving pictures, and be able to use critical thinking skills to accurately apply the concepts taught, sometimes very complex in nature. Must be proficient on the Internet and able to perform effective searches online.

The project provides:

  • Tasks provide jobs that suit your flexible needs
  • Opportunity to participate in more than one task and/or project
  • Long-term project commitment

Key requirements:

  • High-speed Internet connection (unlimited use is best)
  • Powerful virus protection software
  • Basic ability to solve technical/software problems independently

Interested in? Click the “Apply” button to continue.

*Once you open the link, it will lead you to our registration page. Please complete the details required for the project to qualify. Make sure you enter the United States as your country and locale and then enter English as your primary language.

Don’t miss the opportunity to earn extra income by working from the comfort of your home, and don’t miss becoming a member of the fast-growing global team of the world’s top Internet search engine company!

If you have any questions or explanations about the project, please let me know, and you can send me an email at

“A diverse and inclusive culture is critical to our mission to help build better artificial intelligence.

We provide opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds. “

Thank you, we hope to cooperate with you as soon as possible!

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