Wish Review A Deeper Look at Wish.com App

Wish Review A Deeper Look at Wish.com App ,What is Wish.Com?Wish App Review,Is Wish a Scam? Wish Shopping Reviews,Wish Ratings

What is Wish.Com?

Wish.com is an online marketplace connecting hundreds of thousands of buyers to vendors across the globe. It is a growing online marketplace, and it allows customers to browse and buy items from third-party sellers. In a nutshell, the app acts as a linking site between buyers and sellers of different commodities.

It practically has everything you may need to buy, ranging from daily basic items to the wacky and weird stuff you can think of. This top-of-the-line app is available in both downloadable and website sign-up formats. If you choose to sign up, you may do so through the use of your Apple, Google, or Facebook account.

Alternatively, you may opt to sign up manually by providing your official name and email address and eventually setting up a password to enhance your account security.

How Does Wish.com Work?

Being a third-party, Wish.com uses more or less the same principles that other third-party online sellers use. Merchants throughout the planet load new products to Wish.com daily and Wish eventually displays these products to prospective buyers.

They do it in such an engaging and virtual way that the products automatically appeal to clients all over the world. Come to think of your social media feeds and the presentation here are more or less the same.

As your engagement with Wish.com continues, the website gets to master your budget, style, and hobby such that it begins to tailor various products that you see on your feeds. This way, you are able to land various items that you never thought you knew of their existence. The app does its best to ensure each of your visits to the site is both fantastic and inspiring.

More to it is that Wish.com provides you with a 30-day return period to ensure you get your refund in case what you get is not what you paid for.

Wish App Review


Many questions have emerged about the validity of Wish.com, considering that the site seems to offer many low-priced items. Well, first forward, Wish is a legit site and there are no clear reports about scamming its clients. However, you must, at this point in time, agree to the slogan that “You get what you pay for”. This is an art that Wish.com seems to have mastered pretty well.

It provides various items, both cheap and pricy, and it is upon you to decide whether you will sacrifice quality for cost. Wish will not make you readily fall for scams. It presents you with varied options and the choice you make lives. In the Wish.com review, we shall focus on three major areas by answering three distinct questions, notably:

Should you Shop at Wish?
Why is Wish so Cheap?
Is Wish a scam?

Should you Shop at Wish?

The decision to shop at Wish.com is personal. Even though you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing very well that this site is not a total scam, it would be best if you avoid putting your total trust in it. Well, at Wish.com, you can readily find trendy accessories and even buy some cheap gag gifts. If these are what you are really looking for then you should look no further.

However, you must psychologically be prepared to sacrifice quality for those low prices. Hopefully, you now understand the slogan “you get what you pay for” pretty well. All the same, Wish remains to be one of those safe sites comparable to Amazon.com among other large online stores you might be buying your products from.

Why is Wish so Cheap?

The reason behind the low costs associated with Wish is simple: It cuts out all the middlemen and sends the items directly from the vendors to the customers. This further eliminates the costs of operating a warehouse which would eventually be transferred to the end users of the products.

The company uses a model of business known as dropshipping which entails directing all customer orders to the manufacturers directly. Ideally, Wish posts the products that are available at their source companies at a slightly higher cost than they pay for the products at the company.

The moment a customer places an order using their platform, Wish automatically redirects the order to the website of the supplier, and it includes the Wish account payment information coupled with the client’s address.

This way, the supplier is able to send the product to the client as though they bought it directly from the manufacturer. This further justifies the reason why Wish the shopping doesn’t usually come in special packaging. It further explains the reason Wish products may take pretty long to reach customers. Whereas some orders may arrive after just a week upon ordering, others may take up to a month to arrive. It is imperative that you note the shipping time for any order that you place.

Another reason for the low prices associated with Wish.com is that it sometimes markets blatantly ripped-off products. Taking the example of China, which is a source of such products, it is justifiable that a good number of dropshipping companies would sell goods from this country at a slightly lower price.

Designers in China, for instance, do not face the same restrictions as to their counterparts in the west. This implies that those in China can easily recreate designer items hence disposing of them at considerably low prices. Bear in mind that whilst you may notice a Wish ad and a bag from Gucci looking alike, they are not necessarily the same.

Lastly, it is notable that the aforementioned blatantly stripped-off companies from which Wish.com gets some of its cheap supplies aren’t necessarily ethical. They tend to have under-regulated workers’ conditions.

As such, they are capable of producing items that are overly cheap since they pay their workers peanuts and, at the same time, force them to process as many goods as possible. This justifies the reason for their cheap products which, in some instances, tend to be of low quality.

Is Wish a Scam?

You will definitely become suspicious when you notice Wish.com advertising cutting-edge technology or an elegant wedding gown at a tenth of the price. This may not necessarily make Wish.com an outright scam.

However, you should be tuned to the fact that accepting to acquire the product at such an overly low cost may be a hit or miss. Oftentimes, customers have had issues receiving items that are of much lower quality than they had anticipated. Other times, the complaints are about the late arrival of products.

Well, terming something as a scam is relative. If getting low quality products from a site would make you term it as a scam then that would automatically qualify Wish.com as another scam to add to your list. But before that, hold on. There are so many people who would rather sacrifice quality for price and using websites like Wish.com to buy is nothing but a jackpot to them. Do not spoil their buying appetite.

Never turn your eyes blind to the fact that many people across the globe place their orders at Wish.com and get exactly what they pay for. These are, of cause, happy clients. The site is, indeed, a giant in the dropshipping business model.

Whenever you place an order at Wish.com, the site will at least send you something very close to whatever product you add to your shopping cart. It is notable that some departments and items are utterly more reliable than others.

While the site strives to deliver quality products, it would also be an honest thing to state that there are a few instances in which customers have complained of Wish.com displaying products that look nothing like what they wanted. The site carries many knock-off products and it isn’t utterly advisable for anyone to buy brand-name items from it.

On the contrary, many people buying items online find the prices offered at Wish.com to be overly low and, as such, find them worth the risk. Although the site has a cash-back guarantee, the return process tends to be overly complicated hence discouraging some buyers from returning the items they are displeased with. Despite these two downsides, however, Wish.com still stands as one of the very best go-to online stores.

The payment services that it embraces readily offer its users money back should the items they receive prove to be subpar. A payment processor, such as Paypal, further allows the customer to file their complaints within a given period upon placing an order.

Wish Shopping Reviews


If you are planning to place an order at Wish.com, it is imperative that you take a number of things into account prior to initiating your Wish haul. Additionally, if you are already familiar with the risks that are associated with online shopping, you will definitely not be surprised by the precautions that people usually take before placing any order online.

Here are four things you would need to take into consideration when buying at Wish.com:

Always Choose the Right Size

This consideration applies, in most cases, to shoes and clothes. Always be sure to pay attention to the size chart before placing an order for any of the aforementioned products. Usually, overseas clothing tends to have two sizes smaller than the England and US products.

As a such, small, medium, or large sizes in your home country may not necessarily correspond with the sizes you would find at Wish.com. Always take note. Considering that most clothes available on Wish.com come from China, they tend to be Asian sizes.

Be on the Look-Out for any Misleading Descriptions

Pay very close attention to incorrect product images and descriptions. The images at Wish.com may make the product look much better that the real product. Additionally, there are times when the descriptions are given may lack accuracy.

At this point in time, it would be best if you paid more attention to the reviews given by the consumers who had bought the same product ahead of you.

Beware of the Long Shipping Duration

While platforms such as Amazon have a track record of timely delivery, this, in most cases, is not the same as Wish.com. Again, wish ships most of its items from China and this implies that the product may take a pretty long to arrive at your doorstep. When ordering at Wish.com, we would bluntly say that a one-week delivery is nothing but a very quick shipping time.

There have been reports of clients receiving their ordered items more than a month after placing their orders and this should not surprise you. Instead, you should be psychologically prepared for such a possibility. The bottom line is: always keep track of your order.

Never Ignore Reviews

There is a tendency for buyers to nitpick items if they don’t quite meet their expectations, and this is quite normal. However, you should never ignore such reviews in totality. Wish shopping reviewers let you know the blatant truth about the product you intend to buy.

While that $30 designer handbag you intend to acquire might be quite appealing to the eye, take the time to read the opinions other people have about it. If you find that the reviews of an item you intend to buy are mostly negative, it would pay if you reconsidered your decision.

Wish Ratings

Despite being criticized for using bots for their reviews, wish has a perfect rating. Here are the reasons wish.com has managed to secure these ratings:

Best Online Selling Site


There is no doubt that this is a legit site, with 2 million daily orders being placed for the site. The comment section also suggests how a large number of clients are satisfied. A 4.2-star rating is such an achievement for the growing site.

Easy and secure payment methods

Here is another big tick for the wish team. There are no complaints about payment scamming on the platforms, and if there is, this is a misunderstanding on the customer’s side.


Wish uses proper shipping channels to ensure the safety of your product, so at the end, you receive what you asked for safely.

I would personally recommend using this site for your online purchases. There are always some dark sides to everything, and the best thing, in this case, is embracing the advantages of using a wish. Before purchasing your products, ensure to choose a close enough seller to make the delivery more efficient.



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