Poultry Farm Worker

Poultry Farm Worker


Job Position: Poultry Farm Worker

Company: Zeolla Solutions

Expected salary: $60001 – 80000 per year

Location: North Melbourne, VIC – Kinglake West, VIC

Poultry Farm Worker Job Details:


Local egg producer in Kinglake West, VIC, is looking for 20 qualified and experienced poultry farm workers to assist with operations.
Animal Husbandry:
Monitor and maintain required feeding per assigned schedule,
Maintain clean water supply,
Regular cleaning of cages, barns, aviaries and paddocks,
Ensure feed is ordered in a timely manner,
Prepare for animal vaccines as per schedule,
Reporting animal behaviour changes, illness and disease to the Farm Manager,
Disposing of animals displaying behavioural inconsistencies, illness and disease ethically and according to company policy.
Oversee animal breeding to ensure egg production outcomes (if applicable).
Shed Controls:
Maintain exceptional housekeeping and bio-security standards to ensure Quality Assurance compliance,
Monitor the sheds to ensure no entry for wild birds,
Monitor flock for disease outbreak, reporting immediately any concerns,
Correct setup of sheds to receive delivery of birds,
Assist in free range paddocks monitoring and maintenance,
Apply and coordinate pasture rotation as per company policy,
Ensure a turnaround from depopulation to restocking as per agreement with Supervisors and measurable outcomes,
Timely removal of deceased livestock in accordance with company biosecurity practices,
Ensure cleanliness of sheds, work areas, building and surrounds,
Restock of required materials in sheds.
Regularly walking through all sheds to collect displaced eggs,
Reintroduce floor eggs to the assembly area for grading and packing,
Consistently deliver through the monitoring of egg quality, 1st Grade sellable eggs,
Ensure collection of only quality 1st Grade sellable eggs to other farm hands.
Timely removal of collected eggs from conveyer belt,
Manually sanitising eggs,
Maintain recording requirements regarding egg details,
Reporting egg detail issues to the Farm Supervisor immediately,
Monitor packing equipment and machinery for faults,
Report equipment and machinery faults to the Farm Supervisor immediately,
Ensure eggs are packed per company set packing rate.
Ensure packing area is within Company standard operating policy and audit standard cleanliness guidelines.
Australian Citizens or Permanent residents encouraged to apply
A minimum AQF Certificate I, or compulsory secondary education (ANZSCO Skill Level 5)

How to Apply?

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