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Job Position: Manufacturing Associate


Expected salary: $60000 – 108000 per year

Location: Alexandria, NSW – Sydney, NSW

Manufacturing Associate Job Details:


Vow is a food company – a very different one. We’re creating real meat products from animal cells instead of the animal itself. We’re bringing together cutting-edge innovations in science, engineering, culinary and design to make sustainable food that’s both irresistible and available to billions of people worldwide.The role
Vow is looking for a passionate Manufacturing Associate to join our New Product Introduction team, which is responsible for scaling up and innovating Vow’s manufacturing processes and future products. This is an incredible opportunity to learn and apply the latest techniques in cultured meat manufacturing as they move from research to application. In this role you will be a critical thinker who thrives amongst the details as you work to produce high quality products. The nature of the work necessitates a balance between a high focus on detail and process, while also being innovative and willing to push beyond what is possible. You will constantly improve our manufacturing processes to ensure they remain on the cutting edge of cultured meat tech.Cross-functional collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Vow – making sustainable, abundant and irresistible food. You will work day-to-day with a team of incredible scientists, engineers, operators, and designers who are relentlessly passionate about food and creating a better future for our planet, and helping develop these passions and ideas into incredible tasting food.There has never been a better opportunity to join Vow and help shape the future of what process development and manufacturing mean for our future food systems.Salary range: $60,000 to $108,000Required qualification and experience:
Educational Background or Comparable Industry Experience:
– Education: Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Food Science, or a related field.
– Comparable Industry: Engineering, Brewery, Dairy or Food production
– Experience in development and implementing processes to improve efficiency
– Operation of complex systems and equipment and optimise their use in accordance with defined goals
– Understanding of food product requirements
– Proven track record of collaborating with diverse technical teams to solve complex problems
– Strong time/project management experience
– Experience in utilising latest technologies to solve complex problems with an emphasis on data trending and visualisation
– High degree of technical competence and scientific awarenessNot essential, but preferable:
– Knowledge of Food HACCP plans or Quality Management Systems (ISO9001, ISO13485 or similar)
– Bioreactor/Fermenter Knowledge: Foundational knowledge and/or hands-on experience in bioreactor or fermenter operations, with a track record of optimizing reactor function or increasing efficiency of operation (either through plant improvement or process improvement).The soft skills you will bring:
– Adaptability: Ability to adapt to new methodologies, changes in priorities, pivot of expectations across a work stream, especially in the context of scaling up manufacturing processes.
– Communication and Collaboration: Excellent communication skills both in person, in meetings and online. Able to work in cross-functional teams.
– Solution Oriented Mindset: Identifies issues or areas requiring improvement prior to them becoming blockers, developing a solution to take to the team to then develop into a project or solution to implement.
– Independence and Proactive Problem Solving: Demonstrate a high degree of independence in small project management, taking ownership of projects from initiation to delivery.A ‘hacker mentality’, or a non-traditional pathway into science is a big plus for us. We are looking for candidates who can work autonomously and always feel empowered to find better ways to do things. Ultimately this role will be shaped around the right candidate. If you love the mission and have evidence that you can make a strong contribution towards it, we want to speak to you.You will:
– Drive the entire manufacturing process, from thawing cells, to large-scale cell culture, to maturation and final harvest
– Lay the foundation of Vow’s next generation manufacturing process, producing new cultured meat products at scale in our bioreactors
– Develop novel processes for the culture of cells at ever-increasing scale for human consumption
– Adhere to Vow’s quality management system and actively improve Vow’s standard operating procedures
– General lab upkeep, cleaning and maintenance tasks as required
– Collaborate with our multidisciplinary team of engineers, food inventors and product designers to solve challenging scientific problems in new ways and to create the most amazing food products the world has ever seenWhat success looks like in this role:
– In your first month you will have successfully integrated yourself into Vow’s Manufacturing Team. By the end of the first month you should be able to point to how your work is swinging the pendulum towards success for scaling up our manufacturing processes.
– After 3 months you will have implemented multiple process improvements within the Manufacturing Factory and contributed to necessary milestones for the company goals.
– By the end of your first year at Vow you will have made significant contributions to help the Manufacturing team successfully bring amazing new products to market. You will have played a key role in transforming our Factory into a well oiled machine.

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