Papaya Crop Farm Hand


Job Position: Papaya Crop Farm Hand

Company: Pretlove Farm Investments Pty Ltd

Expected salary: $55000 – 65000 per year

Location: Kimberley Region, WA – Kununurra, WA

Papaya Crop Farm Hand Job Details:


*. Planting papaya seedlings into designated blocks using hand tools (approximately 1,000 papaya seedlings per block).
*. Implementing soil preparation and fertiliser practices.

Irrigation and Water Management:
*. Operating irrigation systems to ensure consistent and adequate water supply for papaya plants.
*. Monitor soil moisture levels and adjusting irrigations schedule accordingly.

Pest and Disease Management:
*. Inspect papaya crops, identify and address pests and diseases affecting papaya plants.
*. Applying appropriate pesticides and treatments to control weed growth, fungus growth and diseases in line with farm procedures.
*. Implementing integrated pest managment practices.


  • Monitoring papaya trees for ripeness and readiness for harvest.

*. Harvest mature papaya fruit using proper techniques to avoid damage. Papaya fruit is individually hand picked.
*. Sorting, grading and packing harvested papayas for transport to market.
*. Correctly disposing of rotten and overripen in line with farm procedures.
*. Loading produce into trucks for transportation and completing all relevant documentation.

*. Conducting pruning activities to remove dead or diseased trees.
*. Thinning out excess fruit to promote healthier and larger papayas.

Soil Health Management:
*. Conducting soil testing and analysis to ensure optimal nutrient levels.
*. Applying fertilisers specific to papaya requirements.

Equipment Operation:
*. Operating farm machinery such as tractors, forklifts, quad bike, side by side utility vehicle, zero turn lawn mower, slasher, rotary hoe or any other specialised equipment for papaya farming.
*. Conducting routine maintenance checks on equipment.
*. Weekly cleaning of wash plant, packing shed, farm machinery and equipment.

Record Keeping:
*. Maintaining accurate records of planting dates, harvest yields, chemicals and fertilisers application.
*. Recording inventory levels of seeds, fertilisers and pesticides.

Safety and Compliance:

  • Adhering to safety protocols during the harvesting of papayas and the handling of chemicals, fertilisers and equipment.

*. Complying with agricultural and environmental regulations.

Team Collaboration:
*. Collaborating with other farm workers to achieve efficient farm operations.
*. Following instructions from farm supervisors and managers.

*. Physical fitness and ability to perform manual labour in humid and wet weather conditions.
*. At least 12 months previous experience in a similar role.

  • Basic knowledge of papaya cultivation practices would be advantageous.

*. Ability to identify and address common pests and diseases affecting papaya crops would be advantageous.
*. Familiarity with irrigations systems and water management.
*. Willingness to work in a team-orientated agricultural environment.

Salary is between $55,000 and $65,000 per annum depending on experiences and is based on a 40 hour work week (Monday to Friday). No on site accomodation is available.

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