Design 10k NFT Pixel Art Characters like Cryptopunks

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10k nft pixel art characters like cryptopunks

10k NFT Pixel Art Characters like Cryptopunks:

If you need a fantastic collection of pixel art and need your work done correctly and on schedule, who should you turn to? I’ll work with you to develop a collection of cryptographic artwork that sells well.

For the SILVER package, I create 1 base character with 1000 attributes (eye, hat, clothing, backdrop, etc.).

An illustration of a 10k characteristic

  • one distinct character.
  • ten distinct backdrops.
  • 10 caps.
  • 10 outfits.
  • 10 hiring methods.

Here is a complete collection of 10,000, or 1x10x10x10x10!

what I provide to you.

  • Images that are particular to the number you need.
  • every single metadata file.

Why do I need you, exactly?

  • Send me a note with your concept.
  • Send your Scketchs,

My assistance

Complete satisfaction

Express delivery over 24 hours.

I appreciate it and I look forward to working with you soon!

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