Quality Assurance Manager


Job Position: Quality Assurance Manager


Expected salary: $60001 – 80000 per year

Location: Queensland

Quality Assurance Manager Job Details:


Exciting Opportunities Await at Queensland Berries Employment Pty Ltd! Are you passionate about joining a dynamic team in Australia’s premier berry industry? Look no further!

  • Our Vision

At Queensland Berries, we’re all about producing the best strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries for Australia. If you’re eager to contribute to a company that values innovation, sustainability, and a positive workplace, you’re in the right place.

  • Join a Growing Legacy

Over the past 18 years, Queensland Berries has transformed from 150,000 to over 5 million strawberry plants, supplying major retailers like Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, and Costco. Be part of our growth story and bring your skills to the forefront.

  • Diverse Team and Ethical Values

Our team is a diverse mix of talents and backgrounds, all united by a commitment to ethical employment practices. As a Fair Farms approved employer, we’re dedicated to creating an inclusive and internationally recognized work environment.

  • Quality Assurance Matters:

If you’re someone who values compliance, safety, and quality, you’ll fit right in. Our ‘ready to eat’ berries undergo stringent checks, ensuring consumer satisfaction and confidence in our products.
Embark on a rewarding journey with Queensland Berries Employment Pty Ltd, where you’ll not only contribute to exceptional berry production but also thrive in an environment that prioritizes your growth and well-being. Your next career move starts here!
Job Title: Quality Assurance Manager
Required Qualifications:
A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required.
While a bachelor’s degree with a major in Quality Study and Quality Management is highly preferred, but is not mandatory.
Required Experience:
If you hold a Bachelor’s degree in Quality Study and Quality Management, a minimum of one year of Horticultural Strawberry Farm working experience is required.
For candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in any other field of study, we mandate a minimum of three years of practical working experience in Horticultural Strawberry Farm.
Required Skills:

  • Strong leadership to engage, develop, motivate, and manage your strawberry processing team.
  • Drive operational efficiencies and productivity through volume and product development.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Excellent time management.
  • Friendly, positive and someone who works well in a team environment.
  • Great planning and organization skills.
  • Ability to work flexible hours. We might ask you to work overtime with pay during harvest season. You must be able to accept the flexible and consistently changed work shift. It means your days off may change from time to time depends on our harvest season and non-harvest season.
  • Ability to use and/or learn required software (eg Microsoft, MTrack)
  • Reliable and would like a long-term role.

Proposed tasks

  • Quality System Oversight: Plan, coordinate, and actively participate in system reviews and quality audits within our farm, while assisting staff in identifying opportunities for system, process, and workflow improvements.
  • Certification Guidance: Guide our farm through the implementation of quality systems and certification processes relevant to the Horticultural industry standard.
  • Strategic Development: Encourage and assist in the development of objectives, strategies, and plans geared toward ensuring customer satisfaction and optimizing the efficient utilization of our farm’s resources.
  • Compliance and Standards: Identify and apply formal standards and regulatory codes pertinent to our farm’s operations, ensuring that we meet all necessary compliance requirements.
  • Process Documentation: Play a crucial role in documenting our farm’s processes and operating procedures to maintain transparency and consistency in our operations.
  • Supplier Collaboration: Collaborate with suppliers operating within our farm’s ecosystem to help them meet our specific quality specifications, ensuring the supply of high-quality goods.
  • Customer Engagement: Maintain close communication with our customers to actively gauge their perceptions regarding the quality and timeliness of our produce, addressing any concerns or feedback promptly.
  • Quality Control: Implement statistical methodologies and quality tools to monitor and enhance the quality of our strawberry and berry production and related processes.
  • Reporting and Feedback: Provide valuable input into reports assessing the effectiveness and suitability of our farm’s management systems, making recommendations for improvements.
  • Training and Advisory: Offer guidance and potentially deliver training sessions related to quality programs and objectives, ensuring that all farm personnel are well-informed and aligned with our quality initiatives.

How to Apply?

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