Health Care Aid 1.0 Evening Permanent

Health Care Aid 1.0 Evening Permanent


Job Position: Health Care Aid 1.0 Evening Permanent

Company: Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Expected salary:

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Health Care Aid 1.0 Evening Permanent Job Details:


Requisition ID: 353475
Posting End Date: February 9, 2024
City: Winnipeg
Employer: Golden Links Lodge Personal Care Home
Site: Golden Links Lodge Personal Care Home –
Department / Unit: Nursing
Job Stream: Clinical Support
Union: MNU
Daily Hours Worked: 7.75
Annual Base Hours: 2015
Grow your career in the Winnipeg Health Region! Our team provides a spectrum of health care services through an integrated network of sites, services and organizations. We’re united by a shared commitment to excellent and equitable health care.
Health Care Aide
Week 1: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Week 2: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Reports to the Director of Care or designate. Take direction for daily assignment from the unit nurse.
Under the direction of the Director of Care or designate, the Health Care Aide performs duties as assigned within Golden Links Lodge Nursing Department. Works under the direction and supervision of Unit Nurse or designate performing assigned duties related to the care of Residents or other duties when requested. Ensures all safety and other requirements are maintained, including Manitoba Health Standards.

  • Works within the framework of Golden Links Lodge’s Mission, Vision & Values, and in accordance with its policies and procedures.
  • Respects Residents Rights at all times.

a) Recognized Health Care Aide Certificate required or completed two years of accepted registered nursing education program.
2. Experience:
a) One year previous experience as a Health Care Aide preferred.
b) Experience in personal care home setting preferred.
3. Personal: * Able to carry out duties in a professional manner, working under minimum or no supervision, and in compliance with confidentiality of GLL and its Residents.
b) Physical and mental health to meet the requirements of the position.
c) Ability to speak, read, write and comprehend fluent English is required.
d) Effective interpersonal skills
e) Sincere interest in working with the elderly, and being part of interdisciplinary team to meet the needs of Residents. Ability to adapt to changing needs of the Residents.
f) Good organizational skills with ability to adapt to changing needs and requirements of the Residents.
g) Able to safely operate required equipment.
h) All hires require a Criminal Record and Adult Abuse Registry Check.
The Health care Aide will assist Residents with all activities of daily living based on the Resident’s individual Care Plan. Utilizes ADL (Activities of Daily Living) reference.
1.0 Maintains and promotes hygiene/skin integrity by:

  • Giving or assisting the Resident with tub bath, shower or bed bath. Documents water temperature as required.
  • Performing facial shaves.
  • Providing skin, hair, nail and dental hygiene.

– Dressing Residents or assisting Residents to dress. Respects Residents’ choices.

  • Changing bed linens.
  • Monitoring Residents’ skin for breakdown, and reporting concerns to the nurse.
  • Maintains and promotes exercise and rest by:
  • Transferring, positioning, or ambulating Residents according to GLL Safe Resident Handling and Movement policy. Operates mechanical lifts according to policy.
  • Following established walking program and passive exercises as assigned.
  • Planning for adequate sleep, rest and relaxation.
  • Maintains and promotes nutrition by:
  • Assisting Residents with meals and feeding them as necessary.
  • Distributing meals for Residents who do not eat in the dining room and assisting as required.
  • Making meal times a social time. Keeps conversation Resident-focused.
  • Serving water, juice and between meal nourishments to Residents, and assisting them as required.

1.3.Maintains and promotes elimination by:

  • Toileting residents according to Care Plan.
  • Collecting routine specimens (stool & urine) as requested.
  • Reporting any elimination problems.

– Recording intake/output as requested.

  • Utilizing designated incontinent care products properly.
  • Appling urinary condoms, emptying urinary and colostomy bags as directed by the unit nurse or according to the Care Plan.

1.4 Maintains and promotes safety by:

  • Ensuring Residents can reach the call bell at all times.
  • Responding to call bells promptly
  • Identifying Residents at risk to fall and reporting same to unit nurse.
  • Following principles of body mechanics and routine practices for prevention of infection, including hand hygiene.
  • Reporting safety hazards and /or malfunctioning equipment to unit nurse or maintenance
  • Using appropriate safe Resident handling/lifting techniques.
  • Using equipment according to proper operational requirement.
  • Complying with WHMIS/MSDS standards.
  • Ensures that restraints are applied appropriately; requests assistance from the nurse as appropriate. Completes restraint monitoring tool as required.

1.5 Assists the nurse by:

  • Weighing Residents as per facility policy and Manitoba Health Standards.
  • Providing emotional and physical support to Residents, including the dying.
  • Providing care of the body after death.

– Applying cold packs under direction of the nurse.
– Assisting with recreational programs as requested.

  • Assisting with admissions, discharges and transfers.

1.6 Participates in infection control and preventative maintenance programs by:

  • Cleaning equipment, wheelchairs, commodes, bedpans, urinals, and mechanical lifts.
  • Laundering slings as required.
  • Ensuring Residents’ personal clothing, after pockets have been emptied, is sent to the laundry in the appropriate bags. Respects Resident’s belongings at all times. Segregates laundry if requested by family for them to launder.

1.7 Transports Residents as required or requested – to meals, recreation activities, hairdresser, church services, etc.
1.8 Participates in the education of students, new staff or agency personnel as requested.
1.9 Documents care delivery on appropriate records or as directed by the nurse.
II Resident Care / Management
The Health Care Aide will:

  • Priorize care based on Residents’ needs.
  • Organize daily workload to accomplish tasks within a reasonable timeframe
  • Report changes in resident health status to the unit nurse.
  • Support the interdisciplinary team care plan development and review.
  • Accept direction from unit nurse or designate

III Other

  • Performs assigned clerical duties, answers telephones.
  • Works in accordance with GLL and departmental policies and standards.
  • Maintains Resident and GLL privacy and confidentiality at all times. Compliant with Protection for Persons In Care legislation.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

III Respectful Workplace
The Health Care Aide will conduct herself/himself in a manner consistent with GLL Respectful Workplace and Code of Conduct policies by:

  • Displaying a positive work ethic.
  • Communicating in a polite manner to Residents, families and other staff members.
  • Treating Resident’s with dignity and respect.
  • Recognizing that personal qualities affect communication styles.
  • Assisting other staff members as required
  • Refusing to participate in gossip about coworkers and/or making comments about others’ religion, physical appearance, race, gender, as outlined in the policy.

This term position may end earlier as outlined in your collective agreement.
This position requires a current satisfactory Criminal Records Check (including Vulnerable Sector Search), Child Abuse Registry Check and Adult Abuse Registry Check as conditions of employment. The successful candidate will be responsible for any service charges incurred. A security check is considered current if it was obtained no more than six (6) months prior to the start of employment.
Please note that an employee is not permitted to hold two or more positions across the WRHA legal entity that combine to equal more than 1.0 EFT. The WRHA legal entity includes Churchill Health Centre, Deer Lodge Centre, Grace Hospital, Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg, Pan Am Clinic, River Park Gardens, Victoria General Hospital, WRHA corporate programs, and WRHA community health services. Effective April 1, 2024, Golden West Centennial Lodge will also be part of the WRHA legal entity.
Interviewed candidates may be called upon to participate in a skills assessment.
Any application received after the closing time will not be included in the competition.
We welcome applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available upon request during the assessment and selection process.

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