Equipment Operators – Dozer / Excavator

Equipment Operators – Dozer / Excavator


Job Position: Equipment Operators – Dozer / Excavator

Company: LaPrairie Group

Expected salary:

Location: Dawson City, YT

Equipment Operators – Dozer / Excavator Job Details:


Fine Gold Resources is a precious metals mining company operating in the Yukon. We operate on a seasonal basis from March to October and are looking for qualified Equipment Operators to operate Dozers and/or Excavators this upcoming 2024 season.

This position is best suited to individuals who enjoy working hard for half the year and playing hard for the rest of it. Typically, our employees work in the Yukon during the warmer months and travel south for the winter.

We provide accommodations and meals at our on-site camp and offer a highly competitive compensation package.

We would welcome your spouse or partner to join you and will do our best to find appropriate work for them as well.

The mine operates 24/7 with two shifts each day – a day shift and a night shift – with a rotation schedule. During their time off employees may stay on-site at the camp or venture to Dawson City for some time away.

Job Duties

  • Ensure safe work operations and full compliance to operating procedures.
  • Receive direction from the mine supervisor for the day-to-day operations work schedule.
  • Do pre-& post inspection check-up of the equipment and write/keep equipment log.
  • Responsible for and/or assists in fueling and filling all the fluids in the equipment to the right level.
  • Assists in maintenance work of the equipment.
  • Maintain tidiness in the equipment.
  • Prepare and submit the necessary required daily reports as directed.
  • Perform other functions as maybe directed from time to time.


  • At least 2 years’ operational experience operating Dozers (such as D9, D10 or D11) and/or Excavator equipment.
  • Experience with mining specific equipment would be considered an asset.
  • Familiar with the maintenance of mining equipment.
  • Physically fit to do manual labour and heavy lifting.
  • Ability to work day and night shifts.

How to Apply?

If you believe you’re a great fit for the role of Equipment Operators – Dozer / Excavator Apply Now!

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