Dental Steri Nurse


Job Position: Dental Steri Nurse

Company: Dentique Dental Spa

Expected salary: $25 – 33 per hour

Location: Mount Lawley, WA

Dental Steri Nurse Job Details:


Are you in search of a fulfilling and rewarding career within the dental field? Embrace the opportunity to work as a Dental Steri Nurse at Dentique Dental Spa, an advanced clinic nestled in the heart of the city!

Job Details:

  • The role of a skilled and experienced Dental Steri Nurse is pivotal in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of a dental practice. In the role of a Dental Steri Nurse at Dentique, you’ll collaborate with our team of skilled dentists and hygienists to deliver high-quality assistance to our team members, to ensure we can provide excellent service to our patients.
  • A seasoned Dental Steri Nurse is adept at, cleaning and sterilizing instruments, cleaning and maintaining dental equipment, swabbing down surgeries, maintaining a high standard of infection control and preparing the surgeries and practice for the next work day.
  • Responsibilities will also include supporting the various dental procedures and delivering exceptional customer service to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.
  • Beyond technical proficiency, excellent communication skills and a compassionate approach are integral, as the experienced Dental Steri Nurse plays a key role in fostering a positive patient experience.
  • Overall, a skilled and experienced Dental Steri Nurse contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and productivity within the dental practice.
  • We are searching for individuals who are enthusiastic about dentistry and are committed to ongoing learning and growth within our organization. The ideal candidate will have prior experience in a dental office environment.
  • Work hours will be starting from 3pm, or 4pm until approximately 7pm daily. Which means a total of 3-4 hours daily. Hence we are offering a casual or part time position for this role.

For those seeking a dynamic and fulfilling career in the dental field, we invite you to apply for the position of Dental Steri Nurse at Dentique Dental Spa! Submit your resume and cover letter to to embark on this rewarding opportunity today.

About Dentique Dental Spa:

How to Apply?

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