Job Position: AGRICULTURE TECHNICIAN (Beef Cattle)

Company: Global Skilled Employment Services

Expected salary:

Location: Nambrok, VIC – Gippsland, VIC



On behalf of our client, Global Skilled Employment Services is looking for a skilled and experienced Agriculture Technician / AI Technician who have strong communication and time management skills, self-motivated and must have the ability to work independently and as a member of a team.Major duties includes:

  • Artificially inseminate livestock for breeding purposes
  • Use understanding of animal anatomy to watch for optimum insemination conditions
  • Provide advice on breeding selection and techniques
  • Maintaining and evaluating records of all insemination history
  • Clean all equipment to ensure sanitary breeding practices
  • Vaccinate animals when needed
  • Handle animals humanely
  • Store semen to perform the insemination
  • Follows proper safety protocols when handling hazardous materials, such as liquid nitrogen
  • Physically observe and inspect all animals and Identify harmful pathogenic micro-organisms, insects, parasites, or

fungal infection and perform the proper treatment and controlling methods,

  • When working with livestock, adhere to Animal Welfare and Qualify Codes.
  • Observation for the wellbeing of animals
  • Organizing the movement of the animals for breeding purpose.
  • Report regularly and punctually to the operations manager on the breeding activity of the farm
  • Work effectively as a member of a team to achieve pre-determined team goals.
  • Attend and participate in site and section head meetings, which may be arranged from time to time by the

operations manager.

  • Ensure that the company’s obligations under the current legislation are observed and that quality training and work

activities are conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

  • Maintain the Farm facilities and associated equipment in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Observe all requirements for confidentiality of company information and the privacy requirements of individuals as

enacted by legislation such as the Privacy Act.

  • Observe all company biosecurity requirements
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation, statutes and government guidelines.
  • Promote the good standing of the company in the local and wider community by the adoption of a professional,

sympathetic and co-operative approach when dealing with others.

  • Undertake any other duties or specific tasks that may be nominated by the assistant or operations manager from

time to time.
This is a full-time position which may involve weekend work and some unplanned hours of work where the need arises.Other required skills:

  • Good written and verbal communication skills;
  • Advance knowledge in animal husbandry, animal welfare and legislation, cattle production, and OH&S;
  • Knowledge in computer programs/software is an advantage.

Qualified applicants may apply online or email Global Skilled Employment Services with your resume and evidence of qualification to [email protected]

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